Best Sports Bars to Visit in Mumbai


September 2, 2019



Are you searching for an ideal sports bar in Mumbai that will allow you to order a wide range of delicious beers, allow you to catch up with friends, and will be able to show all your favourite sports as you cheer for your favourite team? Well, you’re in luck as we created a list of the best sports bars across Mumbai to ensure you never miss out on any sporting activity that occurs around the world, regardless if you take a vacation in India. With that in mind, let’s take a look at Mumbai’s best sports bars.

Havana Café & Bar

This sports bar comes equipped with a posh interior and expensive furniture that is well spread throughout the seating area. You’ll be greeted by a relaxed atmosphere from the moment you step into the bar. However, when matchday is underway, you will immediately notice that the bar transforms into a buzzing arena filled with sports fans. You are welcome to enjoy cricket matches, tennis, football, and more on a wide range of screens that are situated in all corners of the bar.

The Boston Butt

The Boston Butt is the perfect place if you enjoy watching the Premier League. Each time a match is underway, the sports bar will have one of the events shown on the only gigantic screen at the bar. We highly recommend that you arrive early and take the plush seats right in front of the screen for the best viewing experience. You will also be treated to a fantastic and extensive menu along with plenty of local beers to keep you sipping throughout the match. There’s even an Asian-inspired menu to give your taste buds a new sensation during matchday.

The Bar Stock Exchange

This sports bar is situated in Colaba and is considered one of the best places for sports buffs and teenagers who follow their sports teams. You can enjoy a great variety of sports at the bar thanks to multiple screens on display, allowing you to watch anything from the English Premier League to a wide range of cricket games over weekends. The sports bar is also renowned for providing a delicious selection of food options along with plenty of beers and cocktails.

The Bar Terminal

If you are searching for a very chilled out atmosphere along with a fantastic cocktail selection and stunning décor, we highly suggest paying a visit to the Bar Terminal in town. The bar impresses with one of the ultimate cocktail menus and offers a fantastic range of food options to keep you going on matchday. Furthermore, you will also be able to enjoy a collection of beers and will be able to watch your favourite sports teams on one of the HD televisions positions around the seating area. If the above selection is not to your liking, you can also visit Flamboyante, the Open House Café and Bar, TAP Resto Bar, or the United Sports Bar and Grill.


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