Canada Secures CONCACAF Women’s Olympic Semi-Finals


February 3, 2020



The Canadian National Soccer Team is ranked 8th internationally, with multiple sporting analysts wondering if they’d have the required skillsets to enter the semi-finals with CONCACAF. Their final qualification match to enter the semi-finals was considered carefree and somewhat handed to the women, as they competed against Jamaica. This nation is currently ranked 51st in the global standings. Regardless, the woman with the Canadian National Team is now entering the Olympic Qualifying Championship.

Winning this tournament immediately enters you into the 2020 Olympics, with the United States and Mexico already acquiring their placement from previous championship titles. When it applies to the Canadian national soccer team, they outshot the Jamaicans by nineteen goals-to-net. Throughout their two meetups this week, Canada made more than 67 striking attacks towards the Jamaicans goalie. It’s some of the most aggressive action these women have displayed throughout the 2019-20 Season.

The Games Outcome

When it applies to the dominating players for the Canadians, the 1st leading this outfit to victory was Jordyn Huitema in the 10th minute. She acquired the first point by slamming the ball into Jamaica’s right pocket. This quickly followed with Janine Beckie, who maintained two goals-on-net. Before Jamaica could respond to the incredible attacks displayed by Janine, Deanne Rose made the 4th shot-on-net in the 16th minute. Then Beckie and Huitema responded with a new goal as a collective unit, making the total score five to nothing. It should be noted that the Jamaican goalie saved numerous shots-on-net before these women could acquire another point.

Unfortunately, the effective control that these five women displayed was too intense for the Jamaican goalie and ultimately allowed for another break in her defence. The 6th goal came from Jordyn Huitema in the 62nd minute, with Janine Beckie following up with a hat trick. This was assisted with Deanne Rose, bringing the total score to 7-0. Jordyn Huitema didn’t stop her onslaught of goals, acquiring her 4th in the 81st minute and bringing the score to 8-0. Everyone thought this would be the final point before Deanne Rose earned an additional ninth goal in the 88th minute. This marks one of the most prominent defeats for the Jamaican National Female Football Team.

The Next Match

These women will most likely compete against the United States following their semi-final victory. This won’t be confirmed united the USA competes against Costa Rica, meaning these Canadian women could have a far easier opponent than expected. Sporting analysts believe that is the United States defeats Costa Rica; they’ll inevitably destroy the Canadians and repeat history for a fourth continuous year.


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