CDC Testing Recommendations for Thanksgiving


December 1, 2020



Americans have been informed that visiting Friends, Family, and Entertainment Venues during the Thanksgiving holiday will cause substantial outbreaks of coronavirus in the United States. The US Centre released recommendations for travelling for Disease Control & Prevention, which notified readers that cases are increasing nationwide & that surges of coronavirus are coming until after New Year’s Eve.

Healthcare workers in America have grown more concerned that Covid-19 will overrun ICU Beds & Hospitals. Intensive care units are struggling already to account for the growing number of infections before Thanksgiving. It’s expected that similar to when Covid-19 first became a pandemic in America, individuals infected with Covid-19 won’t receive ample healthcare & civilians that die will be thrown into alleyways. This was seen in well-known metropolises in the United States, including New York City.

Surges of coronavirus aren’t exclusive to the United States of America, with increasing infections seen in the European Union & Asia. Worldwide case numbers are rising following the winter season, which was anticipated by medical experts in March 2020. Most have forgotten that viral infections worsen during the winter & struggle to sustain livelihood with hosts during the summer. 2020s summer months have passed, with the CDC preparing for worst-case scenarios with Thanksgiving & Christmas.

Expected Surges

It’s been recommended that individuals wanting to travel for family engagements get tested before entering aviation vehicles. This will guarantee that that American isn’t spreading Covid-19. However, large percentages of the population believe coronavirus is a conspiracy & that the government falsifies reports of infections or deaths. Those individuals lack basic knowledge, meaning they’re unlikely to get tested even if supporting symptoms of Covid-19. CDC personnel are aware of this reality & that unintelligent Americans won’t wear facemasks while travelling. Subsequently, CDC Personnel has recommended that all travelling be avoided unless necessary for medical treatment.


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