Countries That Love Gambling the Most


August 12, 2019



Whenever you hear the word gambling, you automatically think of Las Vegas and the glitz and glamour that comes with it. America has been the gaming nation for an extremely long time, but it’s not the gambling capital of the world when it comes to gamblers. The world’s most prominent players are situated in countries that you never expected would be on this list. The nations were ranked according to annual losses and the population for each country. This also includes all gambling forms, such as casinos, horse racing, slot machines, and poker.


The gambling scene in Australia is so prevalent that the central bank had to increase the interest rates. The land down under allows wagering on online sports and slot machines are deemed the most popular gambling activity in the country. Half the country’s poker machines are located in New South Wales, and it’s reported that gamblers lose around $1,200 per adult while more than 900 players decided to be banned from all casinos during 2006 until 2010. However, the gamblers that chose to be banned were caught more than 1,200 times breaking their ban.


The first casino in Singapore only opened its doors in 2010. However, it’s managed to transform into one of the biggest gambling countries across the globe. When casinos opened its doors in Singapore, it instantly created concerns in the country where most players feared losses and addictions. The government decided to discourage gambling by imposing a high entrance fee of $80 for locals that were interested in spending money at the casino. You will also notice that family members can ban other their family members when it comes to visiting a casino. However, such measures haven’t done much in terms of lowing the spirit of gambling in the country. It’s recorded that more than $1,100 is lost per adult each year.


The Irish casino industry is entirely unregulated because the country depends on the outdated Lottery and Gaming Act of 1956. As per the law, only registered club members are permitted to provide casino services and products. Wagers on gambling machines are not allowed to go over 6 pence, and rewards are not allowed to go above 10 shillings. However, this law can’t be enforced as the country doesn’t utilize the Irish pound anymore since 1999. Adult gamblers lose around $600 per year in Ireland.


More than 75% of adults in Canada have been linked to some form of gambling. Saskatchewan produces the highest number of gamers in the country. The province makes a revenue of almost $850 per adult that is at least 18 years or older. The most popular form of gambling in Canada includes scratch cards and lottery. The country has even created an initiative to discourage people from giving lottery tickets as a gift to minors. The average adult gambler in Canada losses around $570 per year on gambling.


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