Eli Manning Retires from Professional Football


January 27, 2020



After sixteen years in professional football, Eli Manning confirmed that he’d retire from the National Football League. Confirmations regarding his retirement were confirmed by Eli Manning himself at a New York Giants press conference. Throughout a several minute speech, this quarterback kept himself professional, refusing to showcase sadness or frustration towards retirement. This announcement was made on January 24th but was quickly overshadowed by the death of Kobe Bryant. Regardless, family and friends surrounding Eli Manning made sure to support the two-time Superbowl champion during his retirement speech.

Eli Manning expressed that from the moment he was born, it was his destiny to become a quarterback. This man followed in the footsteps of Peyton and Archie Manning, some of the greatest quarterbacks in National Football League history. This family’s legacy will hopefully live on with the sons of Peyton and Eli Manning grow to be old enough. John Mara, the New York Giants Co-Owner, was emotional at seeing his favourite player leave their organization. Manning remained with the New York Giants for 100% of his sixteen-year career. Mara announced at this press conference that Eli Manning would be provided with the MetLife Stadium Ring of Honour in 2021.

When informing the press that Eli Manning would acquire this particular reward, John Mara began to have croak-up when recalling the 1st time that Manning completed his opening game in 2004. It was one of the most memorable games in professional football, with this young quarterback proving that his family’s legacy couldn’t ever die, by winning his 1st matchup against Dallas. The retirement of Eli Manning means that he leaves this organization with every passing record.

Manning’s Future

No official plans have been made for his future, but Manning noted that he’d return to the New York Giants stadium regularly. Manning will assist John Mara with game preparation, which could lead to a potential coaching road in one or two seasons. This would allow for Eli Manning to experience a more relaxed lifestyle after a prolonged vacation, while also continuing his legacy with the New York Giants.

Members in the National Football League community have expressed this wishes towards Eli Manning. This extended to governing authorities at the Empire State Buildings turning their tower lights into Red, White and Navy Blue for Eli Manning. These colours will formulate the number ten, which is his professional number that’ll be retired by next season.


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