Former Athlete Hospitalized with Covid-19

One of the most influential athletes in Major League Baseball history has contracted Covid-19. This individual is Jim Edmonds from the Saint Louis Cardinals, who was hospitalized on March 28th after showing symptoms for the novel coronavirus. After being tested, confirmations were made by doctors 24 Hours later. This announcement was made directly through Edmonds social media platforms, like Instagram and Twitter. The Four-Time All-Star expressed that he fought against the virus for a long time and thought he was strong enough to fight against it without hospital assistance. That changed when his condition worsened, and Edmonds could hardly breathe.

Jim Edmonds would be released from the hospital within 48 hours of his arrival. Updates were provided through social media on March 29th, where he noted that pneumonia was still having adverse effects on his immune system. The ageing athlete expressed that he’s continually resting and will get better, that he’s returned home after receiving medical assistance and wouldn’t be alive without the help of doctors. Considering that this all happened within two days, the shock factor must’ve been immense for Jim Edmonds.

Former Athlete Battling Against Covid-19

Other former athletes aren’t fighting against the Covid-19 infection within their system but within the immune systems of others. A former footballer athlete with Florida State University has become a neurosurgery resident at Massachusetts General Hospital. This individual included Myron Rolle, who has taken on added responsibilities during the Covid-19 Pandemic and has assisted in saving the lives of hundreds. The former footballer noted that the neurosurgical division has become transformed into a Covid-19 Wing for patients. The hectic situation is struggling but inspiring for Myron Rolle.

Rolle had the potential for joining the National Football League years ago. He ultimately decided to terminate his enrolment with Florida State University, and instead accepted the Rhodes Scholarship. This prompted him to begin studying at Oxford to become a Brain Surgeon. Before pursuing his dreams in the medical field, Myron Rolle would become the sixth-round pick during the 2010 NFL Draft. He’d play for the Tennessee Titans for three years before finishing his medical degrees.


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