Hank Steinbrenner Dies From Rumoured COVID-19 Transmission

Athletic personalities embedded into the history books have begun passing away from COVID-19 in their elderly age. This extends towards Hank Steinbrenner, the Co-Owner of the New York Yankees. Considered one of the pivotal individuals behind Major League Baseball, Hank Steinbrenner passed away on April 14th. New York Yankee Supporters weren’t informed until the 18th, allowing for the family to centre themselves before the pandemonium of questions ensued. The Steinbrenner family mentioned that his passing follows after a longstanding health issue, not the novel coronavirus. It should be said that Steinbrenner was only sixty-three years of age.

Sporting analysts believe that the longstanding health issue is to coverup the possibility of coronavirus. Hank Steinbrenner didn’t have health concerns, which would’ve been made public for the requirement of board members with the New York Yankees. Regardless of the reasoning for Steinbrenner’s passing, he’ll be missed by thousands of dedicated fans and his family. Statements from the Steinbrenner family expressed that Hank was a genuine spirit, who treasured baseball and loved the New York Yankees since a young boy. It’s expected that baseball charities will be created in honour of Hank Steinbrenner, who always supported the introduction of African American Athletes in the MLB.

The Man Behind The Yankees

Reporters knew Hank Steinbrenner for being a reasonable man, who’d show you respect when deserved. Those foolish enough to get on Hank’s lousy side would receive outspoken sentiments, often putting them into their place. Steinbrenner was similar to an ageing father that’d do anything to protect his prized possessions, with the New York Yankees being Hank’s materialized loved.

Family members mentioned that Hank would be remembered for showing younger generations how to explore their passions while also staying true to your past. It should be noted that Hank Steinbrenner had only turned 63 on April 2nd, with that date being his last birthday. He leaves behind four children and multiple grandchildren. Hank Steinbrenner will sorely be missed throughout the New York Yankees community. It’s expected that the New York Yankees, in association with Major League Baseball, will showcase a specialized tribute for Hank Steinbrenner.


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