Hawaii Anticipating Four Thousand Daily Tourists


October 26, 2020



Honolulu Star-Advertiser has announced statistical data regarding expectations for tourists entering Hawaii. Data collection was commissioned after the Hawaiian State Government announced that their reopening borders for international tourists. Requirements associated with entering Hawaii’s borders prompted most analytic experts, to anticipate low volumes.

Tourism data indicates that the number of arrivals will jump drastically over two weeks. October 14th marked Hawaii’s last date under previous requirements, which permitted individuals with working obligations to enter State-lines exclusively. October 17th saw the Hawaiian Government announce that regular tourism has resumed across all three islands. What followed on the 18th was 5,124 tourist applications to vacation in Hawaii. Alongside those applications was those individual’s respective PCR Covid Tests & Proof-of-Insurance.

The Hawaiian Tourism Association confirmed that application volumes stated by HSA are correct. Expectations for the Hawaiian Tourism Association how grown to average between two & four thousand visitors daily. Medical officials throughout Hawaii & the United States have urged the Hawaiian Government to implement limitations on accepted tourists, not allowing for more than 500 per day. Those pleas have been ignored & medical experts have now warned that Hawaii will experience an outbreak similar to New York City.

Not everyone is pleased by an influx of applications, with the Chief Executive Officer of Pleasant Holiday Hotels mentioning that reopening operations has been challenging due to lack of warning. Furthermore, CEO Jack Richards has noted that hotels are permitted a maximum of 20% occupancy. Government officials allowing four thousand daily visitors will overwhelm occupancy percentages, forcing tourists to locate unfavourable hotels or remain homeless in Hawaii for an evening.

Open for Business

Multiple corporations in the State of Hawaii have followed by reinstating operations. It’s been announced by Hawaiian Airlines that they’ll reimplement East Coast Flights twice-per week starting December 1st. The state-owned airline will travel to Boston, New York City, and Chicago. These three hubs will host the four thousand tourists entering Honolulu Airport. Those wanting to book a vacation for Hawaii are recommending making accommodations for three months in advance. There’ll likely be an associated waiting period to enter the islands, with Hawaii being a globally recognized tourist destination.


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