Italian Government Cancels International Sports

The coronavirus has become the most discussed topic amongst reporters across the world. Sporting analysts like us are experiencing an influx of reports regarding cancellations from the coronavirus. The most recent follows under Italy, who have experienced an increased level of the pandemic in the last two weeks. The Italian National Olympic Committee announced that all Italy-located sporting events are under suspension until April 3rd. These officials hope that a thirty day period is all that’s required to resume mass public activities.

All football matches under the national division, which is named Series A, follows under these cancellations. Italian clubs that compete in this national division have expressed their anger towards this announcement, believing that the Italian National Olympic Committee should all players and team members to engage in their respective matches. It’d follow the similar actions implemented by organisers of the Bahrain Grand Prix for Formula One.

It should be noted that most international players with Italy are currently gridlocked under travel restrictions in the Northern Provinces. It prompted the immediate termination of these individuals entering aircraft and travelling to their respective international matches. It’s unknown when international travel restrictions on athletes in Italy will be terminated, with most analysts presuming it’ll follow under the April 3rd prevue.

The European Union has experienced an influx of confirmed cases with the coronavirus. However, it’s Italy that’s experiencing the most prominent number of infections. It’s estimated that nine thousand individuals are infected with the disease, and 460+ citizens have died from this virus.

WHO Disappointed?

The World Health Organization has expressed its public discuss against Italy, who weren’t prepared for the coronavirus and had outdated medical facilities. This is because government officials in Italy believe that standing by their history is more important than updating the country. That’s why you see thousands of buildings, including hospitals, that were built during the Italian Renaissance. Outdated materials are suspected to be the cause of increased exposure, with the addition of increased travellers and high populations.

Regarding the upcoming Rugby Championships between Leeds and the Catalans Dragons from Italy, details, if they’ll be imposed onto these travel restrictions, will be announced later this week. Sporting analysts believe that the Italian Olympic Committee will enable for punters with Catalans Dragons to compete, with screening tests first being held to ensure they’re free of the coronavirus.


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