Lando Norris Wins IndyCar Virtual GP

The coronavirus pandemic has allowed for Formula One Drivers to compete in Virtual Grand Prix’s, which extend beyond F1 into a variety of different motorsports. These individuals are permitted to compete in the various virtual motorsports, with video game-based events not accounted for in their contract. This prompted the most notable SIM Racer in F1 to join IndyCar’s Virtual Grand Prix as Circuit of the Americas. This individual was Lando Norris, who drivers for McLaren F1. He took the 1st place seating for McLaren IndyCar at this Grand Prix. It saw Lando Norris acquire Pole Position, which extended towards the young athlete dominating over his American counterparts.

Supporters behind Lando Norris were excited with his victory, which follows after the notable SIM Racer and Real-Life F1 Driver couldn’t compete in the first three Virtual grand Prix’s in his respective motorsport. Racing wasn’t possible for Lando Norris after experiencing severe internet connection issues, with gigabyte bandwidth being limited throughout Great Britain. Those issues aren’t prevalent with iRacing, which is the simulator game that supports the IndyCar Virtual Grand Prix’s.

Unlike Formula One, the IndyCar Grid supports thirty-three drivers. The competition was extensive with drivers like Felix Rosenquist battling Lando Norris for grid position in the final four laps. The British F1 Driver proved his skillsets more admirable, with the McLaren Racer defending against Felix. When Lando Norris would inevitably inquire victory at Circuit of the Americas, he’d have more than 20+ supporters watching his stream. Hundreds of thousands more watched through a live NBC Television Broadcast.

It should be noted that Lando Norris has extensive skillsets behind the iRacing Game. He often competes with Max Verstappen on this game, seeing the pair engage in hilarious conversations and dominate over virtual competitors. This friendship and connection with iRacing could see Max Verstappen join the IndyCar Virtual Racing Series. It’d be the 1st time Formula One fans could see Max Verstappen compete since the end of F1’s 2019 Season.

Lando Stops Playing F1 Online

The continuous internet connectivity issues experienced by Lando Norris has forced the athlete to uninstall Formula One 2019. The matchmaking conditions supported by this Codemasters-developers game is infamously horrendous, often causing problems for multiplayer users. Similar issues infected Norris and prompted him to move exclusively with the iRacing Simulator.


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