Max Verstappen Talks Styrian Grand Prix

International sporting events are limited following the COVID-19 global pandemic. To date, the UFC and Formula One are the exclusive sports that’ve resumed their international operations. F1 began their season last weekend on July 3rd, with an official Grand Prix coming on July 5th. Their second session came on July 12th and saw Lewis Hamilton acquire victory at the Red Bull Ring for the third time.

Most anticipated that Max Verstappen would prove victorious, with this being his home race for 2020. That anticipation was a letdown after Mercedes AMG-Petronas maintained faster last than Red Bull – Aston Martin Racing. It prompted the Dutchman to state that their Honda engine is to slow & cannot compete against Mercedes, which comes as Verstappen could hardly defend against Valtteri Bottas.

The average difference of pace between Lewis Hamilton & Max Verstappen was five seconds, which came after front wing damage was sustained from the horrendous corners seen throughout the Austrian Red Bull Ring in 2020. The Dutchman would immediately be interviewed after leaving the podium, where Verstappen clarified his pleasure for the team but note himself. Max remarked that for himself, there wasn’t much excitement behind his 3rd place finish.

Max Verstappen was given a single moment during the Styrian Grand Prix to battle against Lewis Hamilton. That moment was quickly diminished when a definite difference of pace, with Red Bull given that minor opportunity thanks to Mercedes pitting Hamilton. The Dutchman could help but mention the small capabilities provided to him throughout the final laps, creating struggles to defend against Valtteri Bottas. Max would inevitably yield to Bottas & an immediate gap would be seen. Regardless, obtaining 3rd place sustains Red Bull into the 2020 Constructor’s Championship. Continued efforts from Max could see his team acquire this year’s trophy.

What’s Next?

The Hungaroring Grand Prix is the next scheduled event under the 2020 Formula One Calendar. It’s known that Red Bull – Aston Martin Racing will be unveiling new parts for this Grand Prix, with some speculating that Christian Horner cleared the development of a DAS System of Verstappen & Albon. This could provide Max Verstappen with the pace required to attack Lewis Hamilton with each upcoming Grand Prix. Speculation won’t be confirmed until July 19th, 2020.


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