New Measures Implemented for Jamaica’s Tourism Industry


October 13, 2020



International travellers wanting to enter the borders of Jamaica are being informed to review the revised measures, which were announced on October 10th. It was reported that tourists entering their nation wouldn’t find difficulties associated with Jamaica’s first measures. The “Online Travel Authorisation Application” has been updated to create a seamless transition between a tourist’s departure to arrival. The OTAAs simplified methods also sustain strict health protocols, ensuring safe environments or locals & visitors.

Jamaica’s Ministry of Health & Wellness announced that they’re expanding the permitted testing categories. It means that travellers can select which COVID-19 Test they’d like to complete before their arrival. Two options are permitted, with the first being an Antigen Test & the second a PCR Test. Jamaica requires that an accredited laboratory must provide accurate results, with Tests required on-hand for the viewing of Airport Border Agents.

There have been concerns that results given to the Jamaican Government were falsified. This was possible because the Jamaican Ministry of Health & Wellness received permission to enable an online authorisation process. High-risk nations saw an influx of requests to enter Jamaica for tourism purposes. This included the United States of America, Brazil, Panama, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. The requirement to showcase results in-person at the airport before a tourist’s departure will eliminate potentially falsified tests.

The Benefits of Jamaica’s New Measures

The Jamaican Government also announced beneficial services for arriving tourists. It was revealed that travellers could visit attractions with “COVID-Compliant” status. These locations have abided to strict measures that ensure minimal chance of infection. Vehicles are provided to these attractions by the Jamaican Tourism Industry, ensuring that healthcare professionals test each transport for the coronavirus. Extensive efforts to eliminate COVID-19 have been consistent since reopening the tourism industry weeks ago.

The official press release had Jamaica’s Director of Tourism, Donovan White, make a formal statement. Director White emphasised that since reopening the tourism industry in September, their top priority has been the health of locals & visitors. Donovan believes this updated approach will better enable Jamaica to safeguard against the coronavirus for residents.


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