Nico Rosberg Talks About Michael Schumacher

It’s been a decade since Michael Schumacher last drove in Formula One, with his last season being influential as it saw the sports two greatest champions competing on a single grid. Lewis Hamilton at the time wouldn’t rival Schumacher, inevitably one day defeating the numerous records held by Michael. These two men wouldn’t ever have the opportunity to compete on the same team, with that privilege provided to Nico Rosberg.

Nico Rosberg has remained silent on what it was like being teammates with Michael Schumacher. Most forgot about this partnership when Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton would become teammates, creating an unforgettable rivalry. Some believe it’s the psychological warfare implemented by Michael Schumacher that inevitably force Nico Rosberg into a downward spiral with Lewis Hamilton.

Rosberg appeared from home on Formula One’s Unscripted Show, where he was questioned on what Michael Schumacher was life. Rosberg explained that the moment he found out Schumacher would be his teammate, all excited for the upcoming season was lost. Rosberg was slated to lead Mercedes AMG-Petronas in 2010 as the title driver, only to be sidetracked with the confirmation of Michael Schumacher. Nico Rosberg was initially selected to partner with Jenson Button, another man who’d eventually become an F1 Champion.

This F1 Champion enlightened viewers of this podcast by expressing he has the craziest and worrisome thoughts of his career. He knew Michael Schumacher was infamous for psychological warfare and that it’d be the 1st thing he does upon their meeting. Rosberg would eventually become friends with Michael Schumacher over two seasons, learning multiple strategies from the former champion. Nico noted that psychological warfare for Michael came naturally and was the primary factor that allowed him to break down other drivers after his countless Grand Prix’s.

Hamilton the Devil

Nico Rosberg experienced a Formula One career unlike any other, facing incredible odds against him when he was slated to become a formidable champion. All chances of his greatness were lost when Lewis Hamilton, his former best friend, deceived him to obtain 1st Position on the Mercedes AMG-Petronas F1 Team. Hamilton would ultimately receive a better car to his teammate, continuously winning Grand’s Prix’s. It broke their friendship and prompted a hatred that was recorded for millions to see.


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