Ontario Airport Bars are Changing


November 6, 2019



Canada is one of the fastest-growing nations worldwide, with large portions of individuals opting to select Ontario as their living destination. This has increased the rate of Air Travel extensively at airports like Toronto Pearson or Waterloo Region. Subsequently, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario has proposed new legislation that would enable Airport Bars to serve alcohol 24/7.

This new legislation would provide individuals travelling through these airports a more relaxing experience. Not only does it propose 24/7 Alcohol Distribution, but this legislation is also introducing the development of outdoor patios. Travellers would be able to socialize while watching flight after flight take off before their own. However, this would result in the Conservative Government in Ontario to loosen the restrictions on alcohol drastically. Changes to regulations will tackle this problem in weeks, with Doug Ford already expressing his immediate interest in the bill.

The Details

This new legislation would be limited to bars located after security checkpoints at Toronto Pearson International Airport or Waterloo Region International Airport. Currently, these establishments are limited to selling alcohol beverages between 9 AM and 2 AM. The airports themselves have expressed little interest in this change, but it would bring Ontario Airports in line with other airport facilities located across Canada.

The Ontario Government will also be allowing for individuals travelling with their dogs to sit on Restaurant Patios, which would give them much needed fresh air before the long flight home. These patios would also be governed to sell food for these animals, providing them with a luxury trip before flying as well. Subsequently, Dog Owners would receive considerably more relaxing experiences when travelling.

The Negatives

Just like with any proposed legislation, thee are negatives regarding these new alcohol laws. The Ontario government plans to limit the amount of alcohol that can be brought over the border. The restrictions currently state that Nine Litres of Wine, a 24 Pack of Beer or Three Litres in Spirits can be brought over.

It’s anticipated that this number will drop by more than half, which again follows in line with other provinces in Canada. Additionally, the Ontario Government will enforce a No Smoking Policy on these patios. This comes after considerable debates if this by-law should be implemented in the legislation. Regardless, anybody that has travelled other provinces like British Columbia or Alberta will be used to these proposed laws. Most travellers won’t even notice the difference in declaration forms.


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