Pagenaud Attacks Norris in Rage of Jealously

Controversy found its way to IndyCar this weekend, which follows after Simon Pagenaud purposely attacked Lando Norris during a virtual venue at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This disturbed the Formula One Driver immediately, as this behaviour wouldn’t be permitted on the F1 Grid. Lando Norris opted to compete in the IndyCar iRacing Series after initially joining in late March. He took pole position at Circuit of the Americas, a track that Norris has become familiar with over the last few years.

Simon Pagenaud made himself look like a disrespectful champion after slowing his pace considerably, waiting for Norris to make the corner, and then colliding into the F1 driver on purpose. Reviewing the live stream from Simon Pagenaud shows that the IndyCar Champion stated, “Let’s take Lando out, let’s do it, everyone”. Afterwards, he purposely implemented this strategy, which enabled for Oliver Askew to become victorious. Both Pagenaud and Norris were labelled DNF. So Simon intentionally destroyed his race and the team’s goals to backstab a driver from another series.

Multiple individuals have taken to social media, backlashing against Simon Pagenaud for his lack of sportsmanship. This included the Chief Executive Officer of McLaren, who operates McLaren Arrow SP in IndyCar. He noted that this behaviour warrants a fine from the governing association over IndyCar, regardless of this being a video game venue or real-life circuit. It shows a disturbing level of disrespect from somebody who stands as champion.

Horrible Apology

Lando Norris clarified that Simon Pagenaud apologised for his actions, claiming that he was forcing the F1 driver into the pits and didn’t want the British superstar to win. Lando grew more furious by this horrendous apology, with Norris spending 24+ hours throughout the week training for this venue. He even inquired the advice of Andrew Jarvis, his former F1 Engineer who was relocated by McLaren to America. Norris concluded his remarks by noting actions like this ultimately ruin a race. When asked by reporters how he feels about his behaviour, Simon Pagenaud showed no remorse and mentioned he’d show this aggressiveness again. Ultimately this champion showed he’s a bully.


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