Popular Sports Teams in Boston

The capital of Massachusetts in Boston considered the largest city in New England. The city impresses with an excellent selection of sports teams and is the only city where you’ll find that professional sports are operated and owned privately. During the 2000s, the sports teams from Boston has experienced the most success as the team’s managed to win a total of 10 championships. The team that receives the most love from those that live in Boston are the Red Sox that play in the MLB.

Boston Red Sox

It should come as no surprise that the Boston Red Sox are first on our list, boasting with a rich history that can be traced back to the inception of the American League. The Red Sox are one of 4 American League teams that still participate in sports within the mother city. The other organizations include the Indians, Tigers, and Chicago White Sox. The team is usually referred to the BoSox or Sox and call Fenway Park their home. Fenway Park was initially constructed back in 1912, which makes it the oldest stadium in the United States still underuse.

Boston Bruins

The Boston Bruins participate in the NHL and call the TD Garden their home. The team was initially established back in 1924 and are among the Original Six as well as the first American team within the NHL. The Bruins had had quite a bit of luck over the years, claiming a total of 6 Stanley Cup trophies, the most recent in 2011 when they defeated the Vancouver Canucks. The team’s greatest rival is the Montreal Canadiens, and the two sides have met 34 times during the playoffs where the Canadiens currently have a total of 18 wins.

Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics play in the NBA and call the TD Garden they’re home. The team were also part of the founders when it comes to the Basketball Association of America, which was one of two leagues that formed the current NBA. The Boston Celtics boast with the honour winning more championships than any other team within the NBA. The team had a glorious winning streak stretching from 1957 to 2008, allowing the team to win a total of 17 championships. From 1956 through to 1959, the Celtics won 11 tournaments out of 13. The team also managed to win 8 NBA titles successively from 1958 to 1966 while being coached by Bill Russell.

New England Patriots

Even though the team played at the Foxboro Stadium in Massachusetts from 1971 through to 2002, the legendary New England Patriots are regarded as the football team that represents Boston. The Patriots initially played in the American Football League before it merged with the National Football League during 1970. The Gillette Stadium officially opened its doors during the 2002 season, and the Patriots call this their home. The team has managed to make nine appearances in the Super Bowl and claimed five victories in total.


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