Public Memorial for Kobe Bryant in LA


February 11, 2020



The tragic loss of Kobe Bryant is still affecting individuals close to the athlete and the entire city of Los Angeles. That why local politicians have confirmed that public memorial service will be held on February 24th for Kobe Bryant. It’ll be held at the Staples Centre and won’t cost supporters any associated funds. Thousands of supporters from across the United States of America are expected to travel to this public memorial, providing their sincere condolences towards the Bryant family.

Kobe Bryant was more than a professional basketball player for Los Angeles and North America; he was an iconic individual that assisted thousands through charitable organizations. After retiring, Bryant dedicated his life towards family and stopped all professional dealings. Before retiring he was a musician and filmmaker, taking his skillsets from the LA court to multiple avenues in Hollywood.

Individuals were shocked on January 26th when it was revealed that Kobe Bryant had passed away in a helicopter accident, with several others facing their death alongside the icon. This included his daughter Gianna, her best friend and respective father. Coaches with Gianna’s basketball team lost their lives, as did the helicopter pilot. The majority of the blame is being put towards this pilot, who determined it was safe to fly under advisory conditions. Local law enforcement and military weren’t flying their choppers because of smog conditions in the mountains.

LA Lakers Memorial

The Los Angeles Lakers already provided a memorial service for Kobe Bryant, with LeBron James making a speech to millions of fans across North America. This iconic basketball player will be remembered for his formidable performance with the Los Angeles Lakers, as Kobe Bryant played the entirety of his career with this outfit. Individuals close with the Bryant family haven’t provided any insight regarding a private recession, with this information not slated to be released until after the memorial is completed.

Kobe Bryant leaves his baby daughter and wife. It’s expected that a charity fund for underprivileged basketball players in youth groups will be created in honour of Kobe Bryant. It should be noted that multiple murals have been painted across North America in honour of Bryant. It indicates the noticeable influence this man had.


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