Seedlip Concerned for Mercedes Sponsorship


January 6, 2020



The Formula One Championship has been dominated by the Mercedes-AMG Petronas team for the last several years. They’ve acquired six driver championships with two notable racers, those including Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. Their domination has resulted in six constructor’s championships for the Mercedes Unit, creating a legacy that’s only been matched by Ferrari. However, this could all be ending in 2021, according to Toto Wolff.

It was confirmed by Wolff that he’s unsure what the future holds for Mercedes-AMG Petronas after the 2020 season. This announcement comes after numerous changes were confirmed for the upcoming 2021 Season, which will prompt significant challenges for Mercedes going forward. These alterations in F1 regulations came after all 10 Teams, Formula One Management and Liberty Media had prolonged discussions. Subsequently, the new rules will make the sport more competitive than it’s been in decades.

Mercedes-AMG Petronas appealingly want to avoid losing their legacy, leaving during a high. Acquiring several driver’s and constructor’s champions would let Mercedes leave the sport with all historical records. Toto Wolff confirmed that executives and himself are concerned about the future of the Mercedes F1 Team. Officials comments noted that discussions regarding their future have begun but aren’t nearly completed.

Toto Wolff provided the clarification to Motorsport Magazine, with news sources and fanatics expressing their shock immediately. Rumours are already circulating who could replace the German brand, with most claiming that Jaguar or Audio would replace Mercedes-AMG in Formula One. It should be noted that Mercedes has a significant amount to lose if they remain in the series, with potential multiple seasonal losses in store. However, Toto Wolff claims that their remaining positive going forward.

Seedlip Cocktails

The announcement that Mercedes-AMG Petronas could be leaving Formula One in 2021 has multiple sponsors worried for their future agreements. One such sponsor is Seedlip Cocktails, who acquired the rights to service all team-related hospitality events or Grand Prix’s. This sponsorship agreement was slated to remain in effect until 2024, meaning that Seedlip Cocktails would’ve acquired two of the five years in this deal.

Seedlip Cocktails was founded in 2017, providing exclusive communities worldwide with some of the most enriching alcoholic drinks imaginable. Their beverages extended to non-alcoholic products as well, allowing for Formula One Mercedes-AMG to cater to all demographics on the paddock. Seedlip Cocktails estimates that their profits have risen by 24.6% in the last twelve months since acquiring this sponsorship agreement. Subsequently, it would come as a significant loss to Seedlip if Mercedes-AMG was to leave Formula One.


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