Singapore Relaunching International Tourism on September 1st


August 24, 2020



The Singapore Government has confirmed the reopening of its borders for foreign visitors on September 1st, 2020. Less than two weeks have been given to corporations & active personnel maintaining resorts throughout Singapore, with this extending towards hotels. International tourism is being permitted to several nations, with the Singapore Ministry of Health determining that the COVID-19 pandemic in that country is under control.

An official statement was issued by the Singapore Ministry of Health, where experts indicated their continued monitoring of the COVID-19 pandemic in these several nations. Assessments were made with the most recent scientific evidence of this virus, meaning that the risk of contraction is minimal when committing to social distancing. The statement mentions that border control measures are being updated & enforced appropriately to ensure there isn’t any outbreak of coronavirus.

Entering Singapore isn’t going to be the most natural thing for tourists. Individuals wanting to travel to the Democratic Republic of Singapore must register for the “Air Travel Pass”. Receiving approval means visitors aren’t required to quarantine upon their arrival, with PCR Testing maintained at the Singapore Airport to ensure their negative reading. Visitors must also prove their negative reading of COVID-19 from a PCR Test that was administered back home. Approval for the “Air Travel Pass” isn’t granted under a negative result is shown.

Singapore’s Ministry of Health clarified that the list of permitted countries would grow every two weeks, with nations that contain their outbreak of COVID-19, permitted to enter the borders of this island republic. It should be mentioned that Singapore’s Ministry of Health is allowing residents of China to enter their borders, with the Chinese Republic still maintaining a substantial percentage of COVID-19 cases. Essential business owners in Singapore and Resort operators are concerned by the permittance of Chinese tourists could inflict the third outbreak of COVID-19 in their nation.

The Singapore Government & Ministry of Health confirmed that visitors are responsible for paying the costs of health care if contracting COVID-19, or any other sickness. The MOH in Singapore is recommending that tourists purchase health insurance that covers COVID-19.


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