SkySports Won’t Reimburse Customers Amidst Covid-19

The United Kingdom and European Consumers were shocked to learn that SkySports won’t be providing refund following the coronavirus pandemic. This follows after the overwhelming majority of broadcasted events have been cancelled, prompting multiple subscribers of the monthly streaming service to question SkySports on potential returns. Representatives for the company have expressed that there weren’t any guarantees listed for refunds under these conditions. It should be noted that television stations supporting the SkySports broadcasts on international levels are being reimbursed for their lost profits.

Insiders connected with SkySports indicated that refunds could be provided depending on how the coronavirus pandemic plays out before summer 2020. Considering that both the World Health Organization and Centre of Disease Control confirmed that sporting venues would be terminated until May 2020, these refunds should be provided immediately. It’s prompted a significant backlash from consumers through social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

It’s been confirmed by sporting associations that the European Football League, United European Football Association and Premier League will be postponed for an unspecified time. Considering that a large percentage of broadcasted events pertain towards football, SkySports lost 60% of their annual events with those postponements. This extended towards the announcement that Formula One won’t be returning until May 2020, with similar timelines being provided to Cricket and Tennis.

Additional Details

North Americans leagues showcased throughout SkySports have also seen immediate postponements. It was announced on March 12th that the National Basketball Association, Major League Soccer, Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League would be postponed until further notice. Supporters behind the SkySports Subscription Model are demanding that their £40.00 monthly charge be returned for March 2020.

Data Analytic Firms calculated that SkySports saw a 45% immediate cancellation in subscriptions following the cancelled sporting venues. When it applies to their public excuse for this decision, representatives have claimed that all events will be rescheduled, and customers don’t need refunds under this condition. There’s always the chance that the United Kingdom and European Politicians will enforce SkySports to provide refunds to millions of customers. Their one of the few corporations implementing this bullying tactic, which is being accomplished to ensure their quarterly revenues aren’t depleted for investors. Concern for customer well-being should be top priority before these respective investors.


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