Teachers Dropping the NYE Times Square Ball


December 30, 2019



New York City is the global destination for New Year’s Eve, with upwards of 50 million individuals worldwide viewing into the yearly festivities. Today it was announced by the Time Square Alliance and Countdown Entertainment Group that two high school teachers from NYC would assist in the ball dropping. Per usual, the ball will drop one minute before midnight strikes on New Year’s Eve. When this announcement was made, it was noted that science teachers will be honoured, and students of their choice can be brought along for special guests. Together, the group hopes that with these scientific teachers and students, new ideas can be created for climate change survival.

The time square alliance confirmed that four students and two science teachers that acquired awards in their respective fields will stand on the NYE ball-dropping stage. It’s expected that their clothing will somehow influence the discussion of climate change, which has been the most active issue throughout 2019. In an ongoing effort to raise awareness worldwide, this decision is being critically praised amongst news agencies in North America. We also conclude that this will get millions of individuals worldwide discussing the topic of Climate Change, which cannot be avoided for future generations to come.

Additional Details

The President for the Time Square Alliance spoke on behalf of his organization. He noted that this period is a time to reflect on past mistakes and how we as a species can grow moving forward. Tim Tompkins hopes that inspiration to speak about the taboo subject, with him indicating that your head must be stuck in the sand if you aren’t alarmed by the numerous climate change catastrophes that occurred this year. Future generations will be grateful to the millennials that began creating solutions for the problem and not ignoring them.

It’s anticipated that Times Square will have more than 1 million individuals arrive on New Year’s Eve or the day prior, waiting in the massive crowd to see the ball drop. It should be noted that thousands of police officers will be located on-scene, ensuring that anyone creating havoc or mischief will be arrested. In moments like this, there are always concerns that terrorist attacks could occur. We recommend that anyone attending the celebrations in NYC be on their safest guard, you never know when the tides can turn.


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