TFC Losing Captain for Four Months


January 21, 2020



The Toronto Football Club has lost their captain until June 2020. This five-month delay of playtime follows after Michael Bradley faced a significant injury during last years MLS Finals. The midfielder is undergoing a complicated surgery with doctors in New York City, with projected healing between three to five months. November 2019 was the MLS Cup Finals against Toronto FC and the Seattle Sounders FC. Michael Bradley at thirty-two was stricken down in the 31st minute by Roman Reigns, which followed after the defenceman made a shot on Toronto’s net.

The backlash that has followed this announcement is extreme, with the coaching staff being blamed for the delay in this surgery. However, Toronto’s representatives noted that this delay followed after they’d hoped that rehab would heal the right-ankle injury. Considering that the 2020 MLS Season won’t start until February 29th, Michael Bradley will miss three months of playtime for this coaching mistake. Analysts believe that funds weren’t viable for Bradley during this time, as it was the MLS acquisition period, with TFC, has a second-round pick.

Michael Bradley has played with the Toronto Football Club since 2014. He joined the Canadian-based organization for Roma, an Italian club. Bradley was selected as the designated player for five consecutive seasons, allowing for an increase in yearly pay. However, Michael Bradley took a pay cut and became part of the Targeted Allocation Money Players. This means that he’ll remain with TFC until 2020. Throughout his six seasons with the Toronto Football Club, Michael Bradley has more 200+ appearances as the captain. He’s led the team to three MLS Cup Finals, winning two of them in the process. They’ve also won formidable titles like the Canadian Championship Cup and Supporters Shield with Michael Bradley’s assistance.

TFC wants Giovinco Back

After the announcement that Michael Bradley won’t be returning to TFC until June, rumours immediately began circulating that Giovinco could return to Toronto by May 2020. This follows after the organization acquired a new President. Michael Bradley removing his designated player position allows for TFC to purchase another player for a substantial figure. Sebastian Giovinco has expressed desires to return to the Toronto Football Club multiple times, with him last being seen in November.

Sebastian Giovinco was the highest-rated player for the Toronto Football Club. He scored eighty-three goals throughout his two years with this organization, reaching to a point where he won the Major League Soccer MVP Award. Sebastian was forced to leave TFC by the former president after leading them into MLS championship victory in 2017.


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