The Best Sports Bars in Amsterdam

There are loads of exciting places situated in Amsterdam when it comes to choosing a sports bar. Each of them boasts with coverage on European, Dutch, and international league matches every single day of the week. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top-rated sports bars you can visit during your stay in Amsterdam.

Big Shots Bar

The Big Shots Bar is situated in the heart of the Red Light District. It’s only a couple of meters away from Amsterdam’s oldest building, the Oude Kerk. The Big Shots Bar will allow you to smoke inside the bar and has plenty of TV’s connected to Sky Sports, which means you will have a wide variety of sports to look forward to. If you are hungry, you will also be pleased to know that the bar offers plenty of delicious snacks that you can enjoy while watching your favourite team on television.

Plan B

This place can be considered an upscale pool hall that is situated on Overtoom, featuring a total of 8 full-screen TV’s that are connected to several major sports channels. Plan B’s bar usually hosts multiple tiered pool tournaments that pit pros, experts, and beginners against each other to see who comes out on top. You can also treat yourself to a weekly pop quiz every Wednesday evening along with a few games of darts if you keen.


The Belushi’s bar chain from Britain has a massive watering hole situated in the Red Light District of Amsterdam that is also attached to a popular party hostel known as St. Christopher at Winston Hotel. The Belushi’s bar is open quite late every evening and frequently reduces its drink prices whenever there’s a special event taking place. You will also find loads of televisions at the bar that feature every sporting event you can imagine, from local to international matches.

Coco’s Outback

This is a trendy bar on Rembrandtplein that comes equipped with a total of 28 different televisions that are scattered all around the bar area to showcase every sporting event from around the world, including rugby matches, regular football, and even American football if you are interested. Apart from the wide variety of sporting events, you can also indulge in hearty hot meals and plenty of mouth-watering beer along with karaoke nights and game nights for added fun.

Satellite Sports Café

Satellite Sports Café is not only famous for broadcasting a vast selection of sporting events across several televisions in and around the bar but is also extremely popular because it has an incredible grill menu, featuring all you can eat ribs along with mouth-watering steaks that come with a variety of homemade sauces. You can even treat yourself to a massive selection of drinks on the menu, ranging from international beers to more local choices. If you are interested in sitting outside, you can keep yourself warm with an outside radiator.


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