The Best Sports Bars in Los Angeles


November 4, 2019



Now that nerds and musicians are the cool kids on the block, while jocks are seen as the villains, it’s uncool to like a sports bar. So where exactly can the average Joe go to enjoy his favourite sports these days if you live in Los Angeles? Thankfully, we have the answer. So, although you can’t talk about games at parties anymore, we still got your back if you want to catch all the action with your lame friends. Let’s take a look at some of the most appealing sports bars around Los Angeles.

  • Electric Owl – On most evenings, you’ll notice that Electric Owl is perfect for a low-key drink if you are located on the border of Hollywood and West Hollywood. However, when major sporting events take place, you will see that this place can quickly get packed with supporters. The bar is themed around a train station and comes with excellent cocktails and well-priced beers. You will also appreciate the fact that it offers a wide range of meals and one of the best burgers in town.
  • Village Idiot – The local sports bar in Melrose is the ideal place to enjoy a game. However, most of the supporters at the bar are soccer fanatics. During major tournaments, you will notice that the sports bar keeps track of all standings across all leagues on a chalkboard. You will also appreciate the fact that it airs all matches, regardless of the time zone. This means that the place can sometimes open its doors at 6 am. The sports bar serves excellent food around the clock and offers a fantastic selection of drinks as well.
  • Wirtshaus – If you are searching for a massive, partly-outdoor sports bar with a German atmosphere in West Hollywood, you cannot go wrong with Wirtshaus. The sports bar offers a wide variety of German dishes along with plenty of German and local beer to ensure you have more than enough to choose from on the game day. You can also enjoy your favourite sports on more than 35 different televisions which will provide you never miss a second of the action.
  • The Shelby – This can be considered as a half restaurant, half sports bar destination that is situated near Beverly Center. Therefore, if you are starving and would like a few beers afterwards, this is the perfect place to get both. You’ll be greeted by a massive sports bar along with loads of comfortable seating areas to watch the game from a wide range of angles. The Shelby also impresses with a fantastic range of steaks and offers a great variety of beers and cocktails.
  • FishBar – There’s no shortage of great places to catch your favourite team in the South Bay area. However, if you want to enjoy the high quality of food during a match, we suggest paying a visit to the FishBar. Order some fresh seafood and enjoy a few drinks during game time at this sophisticated and modern sports bar.

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