The Biggest Sports Stadiums in South Africa

A stadium is essentially a unique structure that is utilized for sports, theatre, concerts, and other attractive events. Each of these venues will be featured in a specific area within the stadium that usually occurs in the centre of the stadium, while multi-level seating surrounds the stage or field for spectators to sit during the event. These days, nearly 50% of a venue needs to be a permanent structure for it to be regarded as a stadium.

The history of a stadium can be traced back to ancient Greece where the Olympic Games were originally hosted. The usage of these unique structures received a revival when sporting events were getting more popular during the Victorian era. Stadiums are now situated across the globe, offering both tourists and residents an ideal centre for entertainment. In this article, we will discover the largest stadiums that are located in South Africa.

Soccer City

The biggest and most renowned stadium in South Africa is undoubtedly Soccer City. The stadium is situated in Johannesburg and is also referred to as the FNB Stadium.’ It’s boasted with a seating capacity of 94,736 spectators and was initially constructed in 1986 where it took around three years to complete at the cost of $440 million. The incredible architects behind the stadium were Boogertman and Partners who decided to design the outside of the stadium to make it look like an African cooking pot. The lights located at the bottom that runs along the outside makes it look like cooking fire. The most important event that took place at the FNB Stadium was Nelson Mandela’s speech when he was released in 1990 as well as the FIFA World Cup in 2010.

Ellis Park Stadium

The Ellis Park Stadium, which is also located in Johannesburg, is regarded as the second largest stadium within South Africa and is also referred to as the Emirates Airline Park. The stadium has a seating capacity of 62,567 spectators and was initially contrasted in 1927, taking the builders a mere 12 months to complete the construction of the stadium in 1928 for around $3.1 million. The stadium received renovations in 2009 to increase the seating capacity and is most famous for hosting a plethora of sporting events and concerts. This includes Whitney Houston in 1994, Roxette in 1995, Rolling Stones in 1995, and Eminem in 2014.

Odi Stadium

Odi Stadium is considered the third largest stadium within South Africa and is situated in Mabopane. The stadium impressed with a seating capacity of around 60,000 spectators and was initially constructed during the 1980s. The stadium plays host to various events and impresses with a wide variety of facilities to accommodate javelin throw, hammer throw, long jump, volleyball, tennis, running track, and even soccer. It’s most famous for hosting soccer matches and is home to Garankuwa United. These days, the stadium also provides a press-room, a clubhouse, VIP seating, a caretaker house, and training grounds for soccer.


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