The Most Popular Sports in America

Sports play a significant role in the society of America and are not only immensely popular across the country but are also a means of conveying values, including justice, fair play, and teamwork. The United States offers endless opportunities for people to participate in sports, both as a spectator or as a participant. Based on revenue and participation, the major professional sports leagues in the country include the National Basketball League, National Hockey League, National Football League, and Major League Baseball. These four sports enjoy the most coverage in the country. However, there are loads of other games that share the limelight as the most popular sports in the United States.


NASCAR governs the sport of auto racing in the United States. The competition was initially established in 1948 by a wide range of drivers, including William France Sr. It is primarily regional circuit racing that is watched by millions of spectators in the United States and around the world. NASCAR is the second biggest sport in the country when it comes to television viewers, falling just behind American football. You will also find loads of different NASCAR series, including Monster Energy Cup, Xfinity, Pinty’s, and Camping World Track.


The sport of golf is played by more than 25 million people across the United States. The country also boasts with an almost endless variety of professional golf events across the country that are aired on multiple television channels. The rules of golf are administered and set by the R&A and the U.S. Golf Association. You will find three national golf championship in the country, including U.S. Senior Open, U.S. Women’s Open, and U.S. Open. The PGA of the U.S. will organise significant tournaments in the country, including the prestigious PGA Tour.


The sport of tennis in the United States is enjoyed in all five categories, including mix, double, and single. However, the biggest one of them all is undoubtedly the singles category. The U.S. Open provides the peak of the sport in the country and is played during August each year. The country has also managed to produce some of the biggest tennis stars in the world, including the Williams sisters, Pete Sampras, John McEnroe, and Don Budge. Mike and Bob Bryan have managed to dominate the men’s double team to claim all the vital records during their career.

Track and Field

Track and field in the United States encompass individual athletes that compete in several sporting events, such as throwing events, jumping events, hurdling, sprinting, and combined events, including decathlon and heptathlon. America has managed to set loads of world records in multiple track and field events over the years in both female and male activities. The United States track and field events are governed by the USA Track and Field body and also organises annual Track and Field championship in the USA. Track and field events are also popular in both colleges and high schools to promote the sport.


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