The Ultimate White-Water Rafting Locations in Europe

White-water rafting is a popular and thrilling outdoor activity where you will need to navigate through rough waters while utilizing an inflatable raft. In some areas around the world, rafting can be seen as an extreme sport where you can die if you don’t know what you are doing. Rapids come with different grades, ranging from I (lowest) through to V (most robust). There are plenty of rapids across Europe that you can visit if white-water rafting is something you are interested in.

Sjoa River, Norway

The Sjoa River situated in Norway comes with a rapid rating class of II-IV. You will find loads of companies that provide rafting activities on the side of the river, attracting tourists from across Europe as well as people from around the world. All levels of experience are accommodated for at the Sjoa River, and the length of the river is roughly 10 miles of pure fun and enjoyment. You are also more than welcome to camp next to the river where you can enjoy beautiful sceneries before and after your rafting experience.

Noce River, Italy

The Noce River, located in Italy, comes with a rapid rating class of III-V and is considered one of the best white-water rafting destinations in the world. You will appreciate the fact that the rafting experience will give you access to an incredible view where you can witness the Dolomites mountain range while paddling away. The river is approximately 16 miles in length and visitors can also enjoy mountain climbing, skiing, and cycling next to the river if rafting is not something you are interested in.

Inn River, Austria

The Inn River runs through Germany and Switzerland and is 322 miles in length. The Inn River comes with a rapid class rating of III-V and has two primary sections. The stretch that goes through the Landeck Gorge is around 5 miles in length and comes with a class III for the first 1.2 miles, while the rest is classified as class IV. The best time to raft in Australia is between June and August.

Una River, Croatia

The Una River can be considered a national border between Bosnia and Croatia, flowing directly through the Una National Park. The river comes with a rapid class rating of I-IV with rafting starting at the Strbacki Buk Waterfall with a height of 59 feet. If you are interested in rafting in Croatia, we suggest going from April through to October. You will be able to enjoy a thrilling time, regardless of your rafting experience. Some guides will assist you if you are a family.

Rhine River, Switzerland

The Rhine river flows through Western and Central Europe and is about 760 miles in length. This immensely popular ski destination is also loved for its white-river rafting activities and comes with a rapid class rating of III-IV. The best time to raft down the river is between May and October.


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