Top Performing Countries When it Comes to the FIS Snowboard World Championships

Ever since snowboarding was introduced as a sport, it has managed to grow in popularity across the globe. The FIS Snowboarding Championships had been hosted every odd-numbered year since its inception back in 1996. The wide range of disciplines that you will find in the championship competition includes Slalom, Half-Pipe, Big Air, and Snowboard Cross events. You will also see matches geared towards both female and male competitors. The International Ski Federation organises the FIS Championship, and France is the current leaders when it comes to medals, boasting with 20 gold medals for the country.

Snowboarding as an Olympic Sport

Snowboarding first made its appearance in the world of sports during the early 1960s when it was seen as a recreational activity as opposed to an accredited competition. Thanks to its unique mixture of sledging, surfing, skiing, and snowboarding techniques and skills it didn’t take long for the activity to become a world-renowned attraction for sports lovers. During 1998, snowboarding formed part of the Winter Olympics and became a Paralympic Games sport in 2014.

Medal Standings

Since the very first international snowboarding championship, France has managed to stay ahead of all other countries in terms of medal standings, impressing with 20 gold medals. Since the beginning of the tournament, this European country has managed to accumulate nine bronze medals and 22 silver medals as well, bringing their total to 51 medals. Australia takes send place with a total of 50 medals along with the United States in third with 45 medals. Other countries worth mentioning include Switzerland with 37 medals, Finland with 22 medals, Canada with 21 medals and Italy with 20 medals.

Top Athletes from France

The country of France has managed to produce an elite selection of snowboarders since the championship started. Among the contenders who participated in the tournament is Nicolas Huet, who participated in the Parallel and Parallel Giant Slalom stretching from 1999 through to 2005, allowing him to win two bronze, one silver, and two gold medals. Mathieu Crepel is another noteworthy athlete who participated in the Big Air and Halfpipe disciplines, stretching from 2007 through to 2009 where he took home one bronze and two gold medals.

When it comes to female athletes that participated in the snowboarding championship from France, it includes Karine Ruby that joined between 1996 and 2005 where she competed in Snowboard Cross, Parallel Slalom, and Giant Slalom, allowing her to earn four silver and six gold medals. Isabelle Blanc was another female superstar from France that competes in 3 Slalom disciplines between 1999 and 2003 where she won a total of 3 silver and two gold medals.

Host Cities

The Snowboarding championship has been held in several cities around the world since its inception. Some of the most noteworthy towns include the United States in 2019, Spain in 2011, South Korea in 2009, Canada in 2005, Italy in 2001, and Australia in 1996.


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