UK Travellers Return to Quarantine Protocols


August 31, 2020



Tourists from the United Kingdom that remain in Jamaica, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic will now be forced into maintaining a 14-Day Quarantine. This follows after the UK Government issued a civilian requirement that demanded their return home for August 28th. This decision was implemented to guarantee lowered infection rates remain at current valuations. However, that wouldn’t be possible with rising cases of COVID-19 in nations like Jamaica & the Czech Republic. UK Tourists from a multitude of nations were already forced into a 14-Day Quarantine before the addition of these three countries

The United Kingdom Government is regularly updating which nations are permissible for travelling, and which have been placed into restrictive territory. The communist nation known as Cuba has left the UK’s Quarantine List, meaning the tropical destination is available for booking vacations with tourism agencies. It comes as Cuba has lowered its infection count to 20 Cases per 100 Thousand Civilians.

When questioned on why Switzerland, Jamaica, and the Czech Republic were updated into the UK Quarantine List, government officials emphasized that all three nations were seeing a rise in case infections. Capita per one hundred thousand civilians rose from 18.5 to 22 in Switzerland, with Jamaica having a notable breakout that saw its capita increase from 4.3 to 20.8. The Czech Republic faced smaller outbreaks of COVID-19, with their capita rating jumping from 16.2 to 20.

The Advisory

Considering that 1.6 Million British tourists have travelled to Switzerland & Jamaica this year, the government’s concern is reasonable. Excuses for travelling in 2020 are minimal & vacations shouldn’t be tolerated. If it weren’t for entire tourism markets crashing worldwide, travel restrictions would still be implemented globally. The United Kingdom Foreign Affairs Office has issued advisories against essential travel to Jamaica, the Czech Republic, and Switzerland.

Those that refuse to obey this advisory will be committing themselves to a 14-Day Quarantine when returning to Great Britain. Refusal to obey Quarantine standards will evoke prison time & large financial penalties. Tourists that don’t return home have been informed to follow local health protocols, as multiple nationalities are arresting COVID-19 lawbreakers.


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