USA and Canada Border Shutdown Until October 21st


September 23, 2020



The United States of America & Canada have announced an extension of their border closures. It comes after America continues to experience high infections of COVID-19, and Canada is slowly entering their 2nd wave of the virus. The subsequent response to growing infections is refusing to reopen borders until October 21st, with the initial reopening date being September 21st. This means that reopening the border for standard travel won’t be permitted for thirty additional days.

It’s unsurprising that Canada implemented an extended border closure, with Canadian constituents demanding that Americans not be permitted into their country. Cases of coronavirus would rise drastically if tourists from America entered Canada. Multiple Americans have illegally entered Canada for the purposes of tourism, and infected civilians of Alberta. Concern regarding what Americans won’t do up north is reasonable, with US society being violent & disturbed.

The Canadian Minister of Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness reflected that the government’s top priority is maintaining the health of Canada’s citizens. Bill Blair evoked that the extension isn’t meant to exclusively benefit the north, with American’s also benefiting from Canadian’s not entering their borders. It should be noted this applies towards standard travel, and not the distribution of essential goods. Standard services operated between America & Canada remain operational today.

Political Experts have noted that the Trudeau Government will enforce another border postponement until November 21st. That’s because the United States Election will be held on November 3rd. Canada cannot force to feel the implications of America’s fallout for their 2020 election, with either the Democrats or Republicans spewing their physical & emotional disappointment towards losing.

It should be mentioned that air services between America & Canada are still active but limited, with few flights operating per day. Land crossing borders remain closed until October 21.

Mexico & American Border Remains Shutdown

The American and Mexico Border is also remaining closed until October 21st. Mexico’s government followed suit with Canada, ensuring that American’s cannot spread coronavirus on international grounds. It’s ironic for Mexico to ban the United States from their border, with Mexico facing similar high infections of COVID-19. Both Mexico & America are equally detrimental to each other.


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