Walt Disney Company Reopening Resorts


September 14, 2020



Hypocrisies with the Walt Disney Company throughout the COVID-19 pandemic have been disturbing. Disney has contested throughout the epidemic that they stand alongside the fight to eliminate COVID-19, with their cited proof being the refusal to release their upcoming films. That’s blatant public relations to improve their reputation amongst North American consumers, which has become evident since July 2020. The Walt Disney Company reopened its theme parks earlier this summer and have allowed thousands to walk through their gates without being tested for the virus. Multiple cases of COVID-19 have been relocated to Walt Disney’s theme parks in Florida.

The level of infection seen amongst Walt Disney’s respective holdings will increase drastically before December 2020. Company representatives confirmed that 50% of their Resorts and Hotels are reopening before years end, with the announcement being made during the “2020 American Virtual Communications & Entertainment Conference”. Details were provided by Walt Disney’s CFO, Christian McCarthy. She promised investors at AVCEC that Resorts and Hotels will reopen by September 30th to October 31st.

The Walt Disney Company maintains a collective of 53 Resorts & Hotels, with the overwhelming majority shutdown amid the coronavirus outbreak. Few properties have reopened without the permission of Disney, which has been granted as of September 13th. 26 Hotel & Resorts operated under the Walt Disney banner will reopen during the next six weeks.

Wrongful Trust in Disney

Several days before the Walt Disney Company announced that 50% of their hotels would reopen by October 31st, Marriot confirmed that they’d continue construction on their latest resort at Disney World in Florida. Marriot Reps guaranteed that development would be completed by 2021, with its official name being the “Walt Disney World’s Swan Reserve”.

The wrongful trust that Disney is trying to evoke behind their brand is concerning. Last week also saw company representatives confirm that the Disney Wonder under their Cruise Division, will accept travellers back on-board later this year. It’s known that Cruise Ships, Resorts & Hotels are perfect locations to harbour outbreaks of the coronavirus. When questioned on how they’ll protect their guests, Disney has given the standard response of promising strong Health & Security measures.


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