Four Must-Visit Destinations in India

India is like a hidden gem for travellers. While not widely talked about, as being among the world’s most famous destinations, the country has some of the most fascinating places, that create lasting memories for travellers. Here are four Indian destinations you should definitely sample.


This state is roundly regarded as India’s greatest party hub. It is the ideal place for young travellers to visit, and create wild memories. Goa has an adrenaline-charged environment, in most of its happening scenes; the fantastic sandy beaches, nightclubs, and natural scenery.

This does not make it a no-go zone for the elderly, or family, holidaymakers though. There are beautiful calm places like the Church of Mae De Deus, the Dudhsagar Falls and the Grand Island.

Goa receives most visitors between November and February.

McLeod Ganj

Are you are nature-lover? Then, this is your ideal Indian destination. The area is dotted with numerous snow-peaked ranges, that have a fantastic vegetative cover on the ascent. You will undoubtedly feel a great sense of serenity, at whatever level of these mountains, when you decide to camp.

McLeod Ganj is easily accessible by road, rail, and air, despite being heavily mountainous. The months between September and June are the most ideal for a visit here.

Andaman Islands

This is India’s most significant offering for water lovers. Take a dive into the deep sea, on safe and exhilarating underwater trips, that allow you to experience the aquatic environment in a way like no other. Plan your trip here for any month between November and May.


The wild jungle in the Almora region of the country is an excellent destination for nature lovers, who have a specific liking for wildlife. It is hilly, and chilly, and therefore doubles up as a great hiking trail. The best visiting window is, however, very short, as it only lasts from October to November each year.