Three Newly-Popular Cities to Visit in China and What They Offer

China has for a long time been a significant player in most of the world’s activities, manufacturing, sports, tourism, and even war, but has not been widely talked about in the past, as is the case today. The emerging popularity has made it a destination of curiosity for many travellers.

Here is a list of priority cities you should visit, to cure that curiosity.

1. Guangzhou

This is a port city that lies next to the Pearl River, to the Northwest of Hong Kong. It has widely been touted as a business hub, (most port cities are), but holds more magnificence than just business. For starters, Guangzhou has some of the most elegant architecture to behold. The Double Pebble Opera House, the Guangdong Museum, the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, and the Canton Tower are all architectural products to see.

The city also has beautiful museums, a thriving marketplace, a food culture, and on the outskirts, an artistic hub.

2. Shenzhen

This city to the South East acts as a checkpoint, linking Hong Kong to mainland China. It is a renowned shopping destination, with huge malls such as the Luohu Commercial City. It has a museum by the same name that has a lot of Chinese history.

Shenzhen’s amusement parks are also a great sight to behold and experience.

3. Kunming

Home to the Dian Lake, Green Lake and the Green Forest, Kunming is one of China’s best remaining places to experience nature. It is a transport hub, and easily accessible by all transport means. The population in the city is prevalently young, owing to the vast number of learning institutions. As you may guess, the nightlife here is pretty wild.

This list has deliberately left out the cities of Beijing and Shanghai, which have, for a long time, been the most famous Chinese destinations. This does not in any way negate the beauty or richness of these cities though.