How to Prepare for The Alaskan Adventure of A Lifetime

When it comes to an outdoor adventure the better you are prepared, the more you get to enjoy yourself, and that is especially the case when you plan to visit the remote wasteland of the Wrangell St Elias National park. The cornerstone is a great physical condition, and you have to be in good shape since this outdoor adventure requires exceptional physical conditioning. It depends on your physical condition and your fitness level, and that makes a trip to Alaska normally one for the few, or a long-term goal if you still need to get to the best physical shape.

Train with A Travelling Partner

So, unlike many other trips, the Alaska trip should start with a plan on how you would reach your fitness goal, this work best by planning intermediate milestones over a period of time. The earlier you start working on your goal, the easier it is to reach top physical conditions within the allowed time-period. If you are a couple of friends doing the Alaskan trip together, the most beneficial would be to train in groups, training would normally include running, gym, hikes and cycling. Once you purchased your gear, it is also advised that you should hike in your new hiking boots, base layers, rain gear and sunglasses to get used to it.

Mental Preparation

If it is your first time to Alaska, you’d be much more prepared by reading as much information as possible, when you know what to expect you can deal with it in an informed manner. Books and online articles are a great way to read and learn from the experiences of others. The Alaskan weather is unpredictable so don’t limit your training to good weather, train in all types of weather to get a good feel of the equipment. Yet, at the end of the day, the most exciting part of Alaska is the excitement and wonder part of exploring it.

Alaska Packing List

When it comes to shoes take the most comfortable with great traction, good support and waterproof. The clothes you take should preferably allow you to layer and must include fleece, long underwear and waterproof clothing. The way to dress in Alaska is casual so you won’t really have to pack formal clothing at all.

Apart from your gear, you do need a good video camera or camera at least to capture your experiences, and a great idea is to also pack all the extras such as memory cards, chargers, lenses and batteries. A great investment is to get a good reusable water bottle as you can fill it up every time you pass through security at the airport and then keep it for your holiday adventure.

Alaska is visited by well over 2.7 million people every year, and by using your water bottle, you also help the environment. Once you have your passport in hand, do remember to wear a watch as it is super easy to lose track of time with so much daylight.