Visit the USA: Alaska

When you think of travelling to the US, we often dream of warmer states and places, but one area that should be on your list of regions that you must visit is Alaska. Alaska is known for a few things but is a place that many people visit annually to experience its breathtaking beauty. In Alaska, you can:

  • Experience the wildlife; from bald eagles to bears to moose, there is nature to be seen in Alaska. It has salmon swimming freely, and national parks across the entire state to experience and enjoy. Go whale watching to see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. There are guided and paid tours, as well as trails and parks, that you can visit, and experience at your leisure
  • Drive into the sunset; the driving is fantastic. You can experience the views from mountains to lakes. There are actually designated ‘Scenic Byways,’ (three of them), with access to glaciers, the sea, and over 3500 miles of coastal waterways
  • Park it! National parks are in abundance in Alaska. As a matter of fact, over two-thirds of the state is national parkland. You can visit these preserved lands, and see volcanoes, mountains, and other beautiful and unique experiences
  • Ice, Ice Baby; glaciers are something that draws many tourists to Alaska in the first place. From boat tours to plane tours, you can get up close and personal, with one of the most beautiful gifts from mother nature
  • Fly, fly, fly; flying is actually embedded in the culture of Alaska so it would be wrong to visit, and not try out a flying excursion of sorts. There are many options, each giving you a unique perspective and view
  • Camping; you can experience the stunning wilderness by becoming at one with it. You can camp in the rural outdoors, and do it the old-fashioned way, or upgrade to glamping or a lodge if that is more your style.