Visit the USA: Texas

They say everything is larger than life in Texas and if you consider all that the state has to offer, it’s quite easy to understand why the Lone Star State provides such a magnificent adventure for tourists. Texas is bursting at the seams with mouth-watering barbecue, suburban shopping meccas, pristine city parks, diverse museums, significant historical attractions, breath-taking countryside’s, and more. Therefore, we decided to list the best places to visit while exploring Texas, allowing you to better plan your next holiday when visiting the second biggest state in the U.S.


Austin is the capital city of Austin and is loaded when it comes to scenery, cuisine, and culture. While visiting this colourful city, you can expect several delectable barbecues, unique parks, and jaw-dropping museums to keep you entertained and satisfied. The best place to visit while exploring Austin is taking a quick trip to Sixth Street, a world-renowned live music hub which is considered the best in the world.

San Antonio

There’s no denying that the most popular historic relic in San Antonio is The Alamo. However, there’s no need to be a history buff to enjoy everything this glorious town has to offer fully. The River Walk and the Brackenridge Park make for a truly relaxing walk, while a diverse array of art can be admired while visiting the Museum of Art in San Antonio. The Aquarium and Zoo situated in the city also make it more enjoyable for families as kids will also have plenty of fun and entertainment.


Houston is without a doubt the barbecue capital of America, offering each and every traveller a finger-licking good time. What’s even more impressive is that Houston is considered a cultural hub, sprawling with the famous Johnson Space Centre and a glorious amount of epic museums. Houston is also regarded as the perfect vacation spot for families thanks to the Houston Zoo and the children’s museum.


If you are seeking a marvellous Texas holiday adventure, Dallas is certainly the place to go. This is primarily due to the Fort Worth Stockyards, allowing travellers to experience an old-fashioned cattle drive as well as the opportunity to get their own pair of cowboy boots. You can also enjoy the Dallas Cowboys during the NFL season and enjoy a wide variety of parks, museums, and more.

South Padre Island

You might not have guessed this at first, but Texas is actually also home to a range of incredible shorelines, including the fantastic South Padre Island which is considered one of the best in the entire America. The island offers an unbelievable 34 miles of sensational beaches along with comfortable and warm waters due to the Gulf of Mexico providing all the warm water you need. Although the island is considered a very popular party destination during spring break, it does offer an excellent vacation for both adults and children. What makes it even more attractive is the fact that its affordable and offers a wide range of brilliant attractions.