Game of Thrones Fans! Visit All the Locations in Northern Ireland

Game of Thrones is the most popular series, and millions of fans count the days till each new instalment is aired on television across the globe. It is one of the only television series where most fans wish to visit all the locations where the series were filmed. The producer decided to reveal all the key locations to the public, and most have now become some of the most visited tourist attractions.

Game of Throne Locations

What is great about the Game of Throne key locations is that they can be visited in groups or independently, while a special app is now available to provide a map to each location. There are also numerous tours taking fans to all the main filming destinations.

Garden of Bones – Episode 4 Season 2

Stannis Baratheon failed in this episode to the Renly to finally accept him as king. This led to orders give to Davos Seaworth to get Melisandre to the cove below Renly’s camp. This is also the episode where Davos watched as the red priestess gave birth to the creature that kills Renly.

In real life the scenes are filmed in the Cushendun Caves, it is a beautiful spot on the Causeway Coastal Route located in the north of Ireland. Originally, Cushendun was a harbour and landing place for travellers between Scotland and Ireland. The caves are more than 400 million years old and can be accessed easily via the footpath along the coast. Now if you are a true fan you’ll most certainly want to stop for lunch and a drink at the Mary McBride’s Pub, this where the entrance to the lavatories is the Door of Thrones 8, and you get to collect a stamp saying Journey of Doors Passport.

Episode 3 and 6 Season 2

Situated on the Causeway Coastal Route, Larrybane is a scenic location offering spectacular views of the Sheep Island and the coastline, which also is the dramatic backdrop used in the Game of Thrones vanity fair and during your visit to this location you could cross the Carrick-a-Rede Robe Bridge if you’re brave enough.

Episode 2 Season 4 The Lion and the Rose

In the filming of the Iron Islands, the beach near Ballintoy Harbour was used, which is also where Theon reaffirmed his loyalty by being baptised to his family. It was also a part of the Ballintoy beach that was used for the Dragonstone scene in which Melisandre oversees the burning of bannermen of Stannis, who refused to give up on worshipping the Seven.

In real life, it is a small fishing harbour and village located right at the end of a winding, steep, narrow road that passes the entrance to Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge and the Larrybane entrance. Ballintoy beach can be reached via the road that also goes down to the harbour, and there is no doubt that a stay over in the small village will be well worth your while.


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