Visit the USA: New Jersey

There’s no denying that the best way to explore New Jersey while on vacation is to treat yourself to free attractions. From boardwalks and sunny beaches to hiking trails and wooded parks, there are loads of outdoor activities that are absolutely free in New Jersey. However, there are also several indoor attractions and notable museums that won’t cost a single penny. So, when you do decide to visit New Jersey, either by yourself or with the family, here are the best destinations to visit on a budget.

Cape May County Park and Zoo

You will get the opportunity to explore over 85 acres of country gardens where you can bring your entire family for a fun and entertaining day. This free attraction features over 550 animals which represent over 250 different species. You will be treated to bears, tigers, and lions to mention but a few.

Princeton University Art Museum

When you visit the Princeton University Art Museum, you will be pleased to know that admission will always come free. The museum showcases more than 92,000 works of art across an array of styles, ranging from contemporary to ancient. The campus at Princeton University is also home to the most significant sculptures of the 21st and 20th century which are situated along green spaces and walkways.

Atlantic City Historical Museum

This is the perfect destination to educate yourself on the fascinating stories and rich history behind this seaside resort town. The Atlantic City Historical Museum is situated on Garden Pier located on the south end of New Jersey’s Boardwalk and Avenue. This makes it ideal to walk along the magnificent boardwalk once you visited the museum.

Heritage Glass Museum

From paperweights and vintage bottles to hand-blown glass and glass worker tools, the Heritage Glass Museum which is located in Glassblower comes equipped with over 200 years of glass in South Jersey which also won’t cost you a dime to visit. The museum was initially built in 1847 and is situated in the Holly bush Mansion.

Howell’s Living History Farm

Treat yourself by visiting this early 1900’s farm that is still horse-powered for an incredible glimpse into the famous bygone era. You will be pleased to know that admission is always free as well and the assortment of activities include corn maze trips, a summer camp, and hayrides. However, the added activities do come at an additional cost.

Twin Lights Historic Site

Located 200 feet above sea level, the National Historic Landmark is also referred to as Twin Lights thanks to its non-identical light towers with one fixed and one flashing. Here you will have the opportunity to discover a castle-like structure and enjoy breath-taking views while exploring this incredible landmark. While visiting this historical destination, ensure you check the relics and photographs at the museum.

The Naval Museum in New Jersey

If you consider yourself a war buff, this is the perfect destination to see insightful photographs, war memorabilia, and unique items, including Japanese torpedo’s, German Sea hound submarines, Mark V diving suits, and a SEAL delivery vehicle.