Best International Sports Cities

Sports is considered a phenomenon that simply doesn’t have any boundaries. When you venture outside the United States, you will realise that there’s an entire world filled with incredible sports culture, teams, and athletes. With that in mind, its time to go global as we look at the best sports cities across the globe that are not featured in America. We utilised fans, quality of teams, and historical importance to compile our list and we hope you can agree with our findings.


Barcelona is without a doubt most famous for its football club, namely Barcelona FC. They are considered the most decorated club when it comes to La Liga and has always featured the most elite footballers in the world. Just to give you an idea, it currently consists of Lionel Messi and Neymar. Apart from football, this Spanish city was also host to the Olympic Games in 1992, making it one of the best cities in the world when it comes to sports.


When you initially think of London, you are bound to think of football, such as the English Premier League that boasts with teams like Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham Hotspur. However, London has also played host to the Olympic Games a total of three times where 2012 was the most recent. Although it thrives on football, it also offers NFL matches. From football to boxing, there’s no denying that London is one of the best destinations to visit in terms of sports.


Tokyo is both beautiful to look at and filled with a wide variety of sports. The staple for sporting fans in the city is undoubtably baseball. Within the Tokyo area, you’ll find a total of five clubs, including the Yokohama DeNA, the Tokyo Yakult Swallows, the Chiba Lotte Marines, the Saitama Lions, and the Tokyo Yomiuri Giants which all manages to fill stadiums with every game being played. Some of the best baseball players in America reign from Tokyo. Tokyo also hosted the Olympic Games a total of three times and will do so once again in 2020.


Unlike other cities that we have listed on this page, you will notice that Melbourne is home to a different variety of sports as opposed to baseball, football, and soccer. Melbourne is renowned for tennis where fans can enjoy the Australian Open at the beginning of each year. Other notable sports include the ICC Cricket World Cup and the Australian Grand Prix. There’s also a huge following when it comes to surfing as well as Aussie rules and rugby to keep fans entertained.


There are tons of reason for Berlin to be on this list. The city not only plays host to the Bundesliga’s Hertha BSC but is also home to FC Union Berlin who is the Bundesliga 2 team. Apart from football, the city is also home to basketball and hockey as well as handball, volleyball, snooker, and motorsport to ensure fans always have something to watch.