Things to See and Do in China

We have all heard of China’s increasing popularity as a tourist destination. Anyone with basic knowledge of the city will tell you about Beijing and Shanghai, and emerging destinations such as Shenzhen and Kunming. But have you had a chance to find out the specific scenic places to visit in China?

Well, yes, you have now, because that is what this article sheds light on.

  • The Great Wall

Apparently, this has to top the list. What could be so outstanding about a wall, that it gets to be called great? The sheer size of the wall, both in height and length, is impressive. The wall extends for over 13000 miles, weaving through all types of terrain, and has held strong for over 2300 years.

In proximity to the Great Wall, are the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, and the Summer Palace; all picturesque destinations within Beijing.

  • The Muslim Quarter

This is a religious and cultural destination within the city of Xi’an. This city tells the story of early civilisation in China, with this and other attractions such as the Terracotta Army, the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda and the great City Wall. Looks like the Chinese have always had a thing for walls!

  • The Bund

This breath-taking walkway in Shanghai affords you the sight of two worlds; the traditional colonial picture of the past and the skyscraping modernity. The two are laid out distinctively on opposite sides.

Shanghai is also home to the traditional Yu Garden, the Zhujiajiao Water Town and the Shanghai Tower, the world’s second-highest building. It is also the place to ride the world’s fastest train; a 267 mph metal snake, known as the Maglev.

  • Li River

This beautiful water in Guilin is one of the best places to experience natural China and the rural feel of the country. You can sail the river, or take a jog along the rice fields, in the rural Longji area.