Visit the USA: Alabama

Alabama offers tourists an abundance of amazing attractions, these must-see fascinations include unique museums, stunning gardens and unique museums as well as famous attractions in cities such as Mobile, Florence, Gadsden, Huntsville, Montgomery and Birmingham. While Alabama is favoured by locals and tourist alike for its great restaurants, theatres, water parks, breweries and sandy beaches.

Exciting Things to Do in Alabama

The list of excellent places to visit in Alabama includes the U.S. Rocket and Space Center, the Rosenbaum House of Frank Lloyd Wright, Wildlife Center, and the Fort Morgan State Museum and Historic site.

U.S. Rocket and Space Center

Situated in Huntsville, the Smithsonian Affiliate is also the Marshall Space Flight Center of NASA as well as the official visitor’s centre. It holds the largest selection of space memorabilia and rockets in the world, therefore it is one of the most visited and favoured attractions in Alabama. During a visit to Space and Rocket Center visitors get to learn more about the historic Space Race and space.

The simply astounding collection also includes the Apollo 16 capsule as well as the Skylab solar, Mercury capsule trainer, Gemini Capsule trainer and space travel simulators. The U.S. Rocket and Space Center also offers a full-dome IMAX and travelling exhibits, while the Red stone Arsenal bus tour is extremely popular.

Rosenbaum House

It is the only structure ever designed by Frank Lloyd Wright found in Alabama and also the only house in the southeast available for view by the public. The unison design of the house has a low-cost and was offered to the middle income, by Wright. The Rosenbaum House was built for Stanley and Mildred Rosenbaum, a newly married couple in 1939, and measured 1,540 square feet at the time. As the household grew, Wright was asked by the Rosenbaum’s, nine years later to design the additions of 1,084 square feet then added to the house. The house was only ever occupied by the Rosenbaum family and owned by the same family until 1999 when the house was acquired by the city and restored.

Alabama Wildlife Center

The wildlife centre in Alabama is the oldest and the largest in the state and take care of almost 2,000 wild birds consisting of more than one hundred species. The non-profit organization takes care of all injured and orphaned birds in the state. It is also the primary service and rehabilitation clinic of the state as well as educational program and was found back in 1977 when it started out as a volunteer organization and since it started it has helped over 50,000 wild animals.

Fort Morgan

The historic site museum’s construction started in 1891 and when it was completed in 1834 and then seized by State of Alabama troops in 1861. During World War II over 2,000 troops were stationed at Fort Morgan and since 1944 it was abandoned.