The Fanattic Sports Museum

The Fanattic Sports Museum is an Indian museum that is dedicated to showcasing all sports. While it is mainly centered around cricket, due to the well known Indian love of cricket, it covers a wide range of different sports such as badminton, gymnastics and athletics. It’s one of two great museums geared towards sports in India, with the Blades of Glory Cricket Museum also being well worth a visit for cricket lovers.

What does the Fanattic Sports Museum have to offer lovers of sport? We’ve put together a collection of what we think are the must-see exhibits.

Plenty For Cricket Lovers

One of the main features is the wide range of cricket memorabilia that’s available at the Fanattic Sports Museum. There is everything from a display about Donald Bradman, which might return not so fond memories to Indian visitors, to a display on Sourav Ganguly, which will undoubtedly return much more fond memories of the superstar batsman.

The excellent variety of what’s on offer means that it’s a fantastic trip for anyone who loves cricket. There are displays, signed shirts, and bats that were used in important games. When it comes to the history of cricket, there is plenty to learn here.

Other Sports Are Covered Too

It’s not just for cricket lovers though, other sports are very well represented. The athletics section gives visitors a huge display featuring Usain Bolt. Here there is a lot of information about his life and career as well as one of his jerseys that he competed in. It’s fantastic for athletics fans who want to learn more about the world record-holding sprinter.

There is more than this too! The site also holds plenty of interest for fans of field hockey and badminton as well. All of the most popular sports in India have some form of representation at the Fanattic Sports Museum. You will need the whole day to take everything in, there is that much on offer.

Superb Website

Visiting the Fanattic Sports Museum website is also a great choice. Here you will be able to carry out a virtual tour, which will give you a small insight into what’s on offer. You can also find out about the history of the museum and how it came to be, after an Indian professor was disappointed that Indian sports memorabilia wasn’t looked after in the manner that he felt it should be.

It’s a fantastic story that really informs people about the background to the museum. If you’re a sports fan in India, then visiting this museum will be one of the best trips that you ever make.


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