Best NASCAR Venues to Enjoy a Race

The NASCAR season incorporates a long and winding road to victory that is held on more than 20 different tracks across the United States. These venues are incredibly diverse with white-knuckle plate tracks, high-speed intermediates, twisting road courses, and half-mile bullrings. Some bore, some thrill, and some are immersed in history. With that in mind, let’s take an in-depth look at the best NASCAR venues across America.

Sonoma Raceway

Although the name was changed from Infineon Raceway to Sonoma Raceway in 2012, the track remains precisely the same. Even though it’s quite challenging to get to, there’s no denying that Sonoma Raceway is regarded as the most picturesque racetracks across America. It’s that beautiful setting that further enhances the fantastic course. There’s no other track where you can see families and couples camped out, sipping on wine and enjoying picnic lunches while watching cars go by.

New Hampshire Motor Raceway

There’s no doubt that the Motor Raceway in New Hampshire is the most famous racetrack among fans, especially for those that are situated in Northeast. Its extraordinary side-by-side action along with its rustic and picturesque settings is genuinely amazing. While the racetrack is quite isolated, located in the centre of a rural area. There is a plus side to this; It’s all about racing and nothing else.

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Since the speedway was reconfigured and the Neon Garage was constructed, the NASCAR racing experience in Las Vegas has improved dramatically. It’s regarded as one of the best circuits in the United States where spectators can enjoy world-class cuisine at affordable prices at no additional charge. The only downside to the Motor Speedway in Las Vegas is that there’s only one race per year.

Phoenix International Raceway

There is no other racetrack in America where you can enjoy some racing action while sitting on an adjacent mountain. The aesthetics and beauty of Phoenix International Raceway are regarded as the best in the West. The flat one-mile race surface offers plenty of adrenaline-pumping action as well as fender-banging. It’s mostly the big brother of Martinsville Speedway.

Talladega Superspeedway

The first word that comes to mind when thinking of Talladega Superspeedway is massive. The racetrack provides one of the largest venues in America which can easily fit a small third-world country. The racing is exceptional if there are no wrecks on racing day. While most racers cannot wait to put the pedal to the metal at Talladega, fans enjoy it because they can camp in hundreds of places to enjoy the racing.

Darlington Raceway

This is considered the oldest track in the world of NASCAR. It’s received countless improvements over the years with over $20 million spent to revitalise the raceway. Although fans were quite disappointed to learn that the racetrack lost its weekend event over Labour Day. It’s been replaced by a top-rated event over the weekend of Mother’s Day. It’s worth seeing if you consider yourself as NASCAR fanatic.