The Most Beautiful Sports Stadiums in the World

With the world having so much love for the game of football, the need for bigger and better stadiums has always provided some of the most iconic infrastructures that have also managed to become the best stadiums in the world. If you want to visit these beautiful stadiums, but you not exactly sure where they are, you’ve come to the right place. Below, you will find the most beautiful stadiums in the world along with their locations and seating capacity.

Soccer City, South Africa

Established in 1989, Soccer City, or the First National Bank Stadium, received renovations in 2009 for the World Cup that was held in 2010. Although it’s tenants are the Kaizer Chiefs, who are a South African football club, the stadium is best remembered for hosting the 2010 World Cup final as well as the opening game where Siphiwe Tshabalala managed to find the net behind the Mexican defense with a thumping shot on goal. Vuvuzela’s are extremely hard to ignore when you visit the stadium during a sporting event.

The Maracanã – Rio de Janeiro

There’s no denying that the Maracanã is one of the most notable stadiums in the world of football as its situated in one of the most beautiful cities the world has to offer. The stadium played host to the World Cup group stage in 1950 between Uruguay and Brazil that witnessed a capacity of 199,854. Even though the hosts experienced a horrible defeat, the game will be remembered as one of the classics when it comes to football.

San Siro, Italy

Referred to as San Siro, the stadium plays host to a multitude of sports and is home to two heavyweights in the world of football, including Internazionale and AC Milan. It’s also considered the country’s largest and most famous ground. Some of the best footballers grace its pitch every year as it played host to both the Champions League final and the European Cup final. It’s regarded as the most respected and revered stadium in the world that has the capacity to seat over 80,000 people.

Anfield Road, United Kingdom

Even though it’s not considered the biggest stadium in the world, with a capacity of only 456,276, it still provides a legendary atmosphere which is known throughout the world. The stadium is home to the famous Liverpool football club who have managed to win 5 European Cup titles. Although its always a treat for visitors to play against Liverpool at this glorious stadium, it also comes with a great deal of fear for those that walk onto the pitch. There’s a world-renowned “This is Anfield” sign that hangs in the tunnel for fans to know that they never walk alone.

Azteca – Mexico

The Azteca stadium in Mexico City offers a seating capacity of 104,000 and offers an electrifying atmosphere when football is played. It has hosted two World Cup finals and is also home to the Hand of God goal from Diego Maradona.