Visit the USA: New York

Taking a trip to America simply has to include New York as it has become one of the most visited states in the entire country. Everything from Time Square through to the statue of Liberty is on the bucket list for most and for a good reason. The state has a lot to offer and doing research for a trip is easy since so much information is available.

Visit Time Square

You might even be lucky enough to get accommodation close to Time Square and be able to visit various destinations within Manhattan with the subways taking you anywhere you’d like to go within just a few minutes. Time Square on its own is sure to keep you busy for at least a day. There are so many different shops, starting with comic book stores right through to the most expensive clothing items directly from the runway. Along the way, you can stop for a bite and enjoy one of the best hot dogs from the corner stands. Of course, you can’t visit New York without getting a famous slice of pizza, which is widely available in Time Square.

Walk Through Central Park

Central Park is another must for New York visitors as it Carries so much history about the state and it is incredibly beautiful to walk through. Be warned, the park is incredibly big and be sure to give you a decent workout, even if you just take a slow walk through. See everything from castles through to a special spot for the fans of the TV series “Friends”. Of course, the park is also accommodated by various shops that once again make everything available to you. All you’ll need to do is cross the road and go to the sports you want.

Head Down to the Statue of Liberty

A quick 20-minute trip will be two from Time Square to lower Manhattan where you can get on one of the ferries and take a trip around the statue, making it the perfect way to get some incredible pictures. From lower Manhattan, you will be able to see the statue at a distance, but for the best experience, you can’t go wrong by booking a trip.

Twin Tower Memorial

Off to the tragic 911 terrorist attack, the state of New York changed the location of the Twin Towers into one of the most amazing memorials where all the names of the lost lives are displayed around the new water features where the buildings used to stand.

There’s also an amazing museum that tells you even more about the Twin Towers, the firefighters and all the other emergency services that took part to save lives during the disaster. It is well worth visiting, even for those who aren’t all that clued up about the occurrences of the day. However, if you are planning to visit the memorial, be sure to read up on what it’s all about as it will make the experience just so much better.