Emirates Launch Multi-Million Advertising Campaign


December 15, 2020



The Department of Tourism & Commerce of Dubai has announced that after suffering the fate of other countries struggling with the pandemic, that is now open for business. One of the companies supporting the new tourism initiative is Emirates, a flagship airline operating from Dubai and the Middle East.

As a result of the reopening, Emirates has launched a multi-million-dollar campaign that is geared at bringing awareness to Dubai during the winter season through key partnerships and global advertising. This will be achieved by tapping into multiple advertising channels with the goal of showcasing the diversity and value that Dubai offers to businesses and travellers.

Campaign to focus on European and U.K. Markets

Initially, the campaign, in part due to the continued travel restrictions in North America, will focus its efforts on the European and U.K. markets. This will be accomplished through social media, online and television advertising.

To help the campaign achieve success, Emirates has partnered with the marketing division of Dubai’s Department of Tourism & Commerce. The initial rollout will feature free stays until the 28th of February at Dubai’s JW Marriott Marquis. The free nights stay, courtesy of Emirates and Dubai Tourism, will offer passengers flying economy class a free one night stay, while those flying in business class or better will receive two free nights.

The director general of Dubai Tourism, Helal Saeed Almarri stated in a press release that since mid-summer, Dubai has seen an increase in the number of visitors coming to the country due to the safety measures it has implemented and the increased feeling of safety.

Saeed Almarri further elaborated that heading into the new year, Dubai will focus its energies towards strengthening the offerings it uses to attract visitors to the country. Their goal will be to promote the many attractions, facilities and availability of its ability to host world-class festivals, events and business conferences.  This will include the World Expo and the famous Dubai Shopping Festival.

Helal Saeed Almarri, speaking on behalf of Dubai Tourism commented that they are pleased to be working closing with partners such as Emirates and its latest campaign to draw awareness of the region. Almarri added that the country is looking forward to welcoming its international guests who opt to make Dubai a destination of choice this winter.


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