South Africa Bans Alcohol Sale Amidst Covid Outbreak


December 29, 2020



Restrictions on economic growth are being sustained worldwide, with governments having to avoid prominent outbreaks of Covid-19s latest strain. South Africa is the latest nation to advise civilians of an unexpected restriction. Confirmations were made that alcohol sales is banned for the foreseeable future, with curfews being extended by weeks. This follows after South Africa have entered peak conditions for a second wave, with one million cases being confirmed over several days.

January 15th marks the date when South Africa’s government will consider lowering the “Virus Alert Level” from three to one. Under VAL3, South Africans aren’t permitted to travel outdoors without compulsory face coverings. Public gatherings cannot be sustained under any conditions, including funerals. Civilians located outdoors between 9pm to 6am will face prominent fines after being caught by law enforcement. South African President Ramaphosa emphasised that there’ll be an increased police presence overnight until January 15th or later. Ramaphosa is hopeful that with extreme measures, outbreaks can be lowered over fourteen to thirty days.

South Africa could find themselves unable to avoid outbreaks for months, with Covid Variant VUI-2020/21 arriving onto their shores & infecting hundreds. That infection count will reach hundreds of thousands without civilians adopting these measures into their daily lives. It’ll be impossible to avoid minimal outbreaks even with social distancing being enacted. That’s because Covid Variant VUI-2020/21 is 70% more infectious than the previous strain. Facemasks that aren’t medical grade have minimal protection against this variant of Covid.

National Tourism Eliminated Until January 15th.

South Africa have also eliminated national & international tourism with VAL3. Civilian personnel wanting to reach prominent national parks or beaches aren’t permitted of travelling until January 15th. Anyone found traversing for the purpose of travel could be imposed prominent fines & prison sentences. South Africa’s taltirelin approach towards lockdown measures is considered severe but effective. It’s that mentality that enabled the nation to overcome their initial outbreak, which sustained similar case volumes.


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