Disney’s Blizzard Beach Reopening in March 2021


January 2, 2021



The United States of America cannot comprehend the concept of social distancing, with economic gains more important than civilian safety & health. That’s proven by the case volumes throughout December, which witnessed an average of 200+ thousand civilians contracting the virus daily. Corporate entities in America aren’t concerned by the continued outbreaks being sustained nationwide, which became evident with Walt Disney’s recent announcement. Confirmations were issued by Disney that the “Blizzard Beach Water Park” is reopening by March 7th, 2021.

Medical experts in America have reacted negatively to this announcement & informed the Walt Disney Company that most US Civilians won’t be vaccinated by March. Those outcries are regularly ignored by Walt Disney in the hopes of profit. Disney was worked multiple times to reopening their facilities, unsympathetic towards recommendation by Florida’s Department of Health.

Announcements made by the Walt Disney Corporation last month suggested continued closure of these facilities late into 2021. Those sentiments were revised to clarify that one of two prominent waterparks at Disneyworld will reopen by March 7th. Details on when the Typhoon Lagoon facility is relaunching hasn’t been confirmed by Disney representatives. Lack of confirmation suggests that outdated facilities at Typhoon Lagoon are incapable of hosting guests during the pandemic.

Avoid Buying Tickets

Americans sustained “Disney Water Park Tickets” from 2020 have seen prominent extensions, which are now listed until December 31st of this year. Ticketholders are provided the option of cancelling & obtaining refunds until the same date. However, Disney continued to evoke confidence into their customers that facilities will relaunch safely for guests to ensure refunds are avoided. Disney is continuing to issue sales of new tickets, with admission listed at the earliest of March 7th. It means Disney plans to reopen the Blizzard Beach Water Park at full attendance. Expect prominent outbreaks of Covid at this facility, it’ll be impossible for Disney to guarantee safety until millions are vaccinated worldwide.


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