2nd Lockdown in England Eliminates Non-Essential Tourism


November 2, 2020



British civilians are preparing for another lockdown, which begins on November 5th and won’t end until December 2nd. Termination of the second lockdown won’t occur until coronavirus cases have reached sustainable levels, meaning that the December 2nd date could be extended. Until the lockdown is over multiple aspects of everyday living is ending. That includes Non-Essential Travel to foreign nations, which comes as a significant disappointment for tourists looking to spend their holidays in tropical destinations.

The United Kingdom & Great Britain was addressed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who clarified there isn’t any viable reason for residents to leave their homes this holiday. Traversing to cottages or second homes doesn’t count as necessary travel, with Johnson clarifying law enforcement will release fines valued at £1,000.00 to £10,000.00. There are exclusions to travelling outside homes during the holidays for British civilians. Exemptions include working duties, educational requirements, and legal obligations.

Inside sources close with Parliament have expressed that refusal to abide will prompt the UK Government to shutdown airports for a second time. Airports have slowly begun resuming operations in Great Britain & Ireland, with the second lockdown of operations prompting financial losses that most aviation corporations couldn’t sustain. Airlines have recommended against non-essential travel during the second lockdown, hoping that tourists will avoid flights unless regarding international business.

British civilians travelling abroad have been informed to return home immediately, with refusal prompting their barring from the nation until December 2nd. Civilians have been given until November 5th to make their decision to come home or remain abroad. Passengers returning home are immediately required to isolate for fourteen days unless traversing from a nation under the “Green List”.

ABTA Approval

The Britain Travel Association released a formal statement on the lockdown announcement. ABTA’s Chief Executive Office mentioned his approval from Parliament being more concerned for civilian life than monetary gain. Mark Tanzer said that the government would continue making progress towards resuming global travel on December 2nd. It should be noted that refusing to return home & being forced to reside in a foreign nation for multiple months could result in revoked citizenships for British-Immigrants.


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