Canadian Flight Enters Cuban Airspace


September 7, 2020



The Cuban Government & it’s people happily welcomed the return of Canadians to their island communist nation. Canadians account for a notable percentage of Cuban tourism, and tourists from Canada haven’t been permitted to enter the island nation since March 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic forced the Canadian Government to ban international travel, terminating all possibilities to vacation for the first six months of 2020.

Cuba has actively waited for the Canadian Government to allow tourists to re-enter their borders, with United States Sanctions & the COVID-19 pandemic plunging the small nation into economic crisis. Cuba is an import-dependent country that has found limited goods amid the epidemic, with shipping routes becoming inactive amid hundreds of ships docking.

Employment records throughout Cuba note that a large percentage of the population works under the tourism sector. Tens of thousands of Cubans continue being furloughed during the pandemic, with small percentages being allowed back to work with the return of Canadians. Cuban businesses associated with the tourism industry have suffered, with a large percentage closing shop amid the complete loss of profits.

Cayo Coca Accepts Canadians

The Jardines Del Rey Airport in Cayo Coco saw the 1st Air Canada-owned plane arrive by midday. Air Canada confirmed after the flight arrived safely that they’ll be completing weekly trips to Cuba. Bi-Weekly flights will start by October 1st, allowing Canadian’s to experience the tropical beaches of Cuba during their winter season. This will enable Cuba’s economic crash to revert, with tens of thousands returning to work by January 2021.

Cuban Hotels & Resorts haven’t shut down during the pandemic, with International Sanitary Regulations forcing operators to continue the employment of janitorial staff. ISRs guarantee that COVID-19 won’t thrive inside these resorts, and hotels. It should be clarified that Cayo Coco is the only region in Cuba, allowing for Canadian tourists. Notable regions like Havana are allowing visitors back by October 1st. Cuba has had 4,300 infections of COVID-19 and a minimal loss of life at 100 deaths.

The Cuban Government anticipated that before 2020 closes out, anywhere from 250 to 500 Canadians will arrive on their borders. Canadian tourists account for 1.1 Million visitors to Cuba per year, the highest demographic for Cuba.


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